About The Big Idea

Built in partnership with educators, youth, families, and community members from across the country, Education Reimagined offers The Big Idea as a place to begin imagining what this future of learning could look like and make possible. One where the community and world are the playgrounds for learning; where equity, human dignity, and liberation are cultivated; and young people, no matter who they are or where they are from, are supported to thrive and contribute in an interconnected world. 

That’s the Big Idea. Let’s stop reforming around the edges of a system built for standardization and stratification and, instead, invent one on the foundations of equity, community, and youth empowerment!

We’re not saying it will be easy or even that we know the way there. But, we’re ready to go for it. Are you?

Two Young Learners with Home Base image
Group of 4 young adult learners

About Education Reimagined

Education Reimagined’s mission is to make learner-centered education available to each and every child in the country, inclusive of race, background, and circumstance. Our work is in transforming education in the United States from our current standardized, one-size-fits-all education system to one that truly serves each child and prepares them to thrive in a complex and fast-changing world.

We offer a transformational vision to galvanize the country around a new learner-centered future of education; and we partner with visionary leaders to imagine, invent, and bring to life the new systems and conditions necessary to enable a learner-centered, socially just future for education to spread and thrive.